My Story

Hi, I’m John from The Little Church Woodworking and this is my story of how I got started with DIY and how if I can do it then anyone can! I’d say that up until my mid twenties at least I was useless at DIY. I’d barely touched a power tool in my life and had barely any confidence with one when I did. But that all changed when I went to work for my uncle at his timber merchants business. I built a log store on my own and instantly my confidence grew, I knew then that this is what I wanted to do for a living and a new obsession had begun…

My Passion

With my new found confidence my passion soon became helping family and friends. They would be telling me about how they needed something and my first response would always be “I can make that, don’t waste your money!” I soon became their ‘go-to’ guy for any DIY or bespoke items and gifts, which led me to start my own woodworking company. There were many trials and tribulations in making my business a success with so many frustrations along the way. This led to another new passion… helping people become successful with their woodworking business.

My Goal

My goal in creating this blog is to help people make extra money or even a full time income from their passion! Even if you are more of a crafter, rather than a full blown woodworker you can still make a living from your passion! With this blog I plan to help people through every step of setting up their own woodworking business right from what basic tools you need right through to what products actually sell and make you money.