DIY floating shelves

DIY Floating Shelves

DIY floating shelves

DIY floating shelves made out of wood are a great way to display and store your belongings. They are stylish and they allow the room to still feel open as they do not take up much space. Creating DIY floating shelves is a good woodworking project someone can undertake, even if they are completely new to woodworking.

DIY Floating Shelves - What You Will Need

  • 2” x 10” Wooden Plank
  • Circular Saw
  • Hand router
  • Sand Paper – Medium Grit
  • Paint Brush
  • Drill
  • ½” Paddle Bit
  • Level
  • Pencil
  • Invisible Shelf Brackets

DIY Floating Shelves – The Building Process

The building process for these DIY floating shelves made out of solid wood will not take too much time. It can be completed in a day without much hassle. This guide will teach you how to make your own DIY floating shelves, you will be walked through the process step by step.

  1. Cut the wooden planks you have to the correct size using the circular saw. The correct size will vary from person to person. Cut the wooden planks to fit the space where you plan on installing them.
  2. Create notches at the back of the shelves in order to allow the brackets to properly fit the wooden shelves. The notches size will depend on the type of brackets you have purchased, just follow the instructions given to you with the brackets you have. These notches are needed to ensure that there aren’t any gaps between the shelves and the wall.
  3. Now you need to drill holes in the back of the wooden shelves for the brackets to slide into. You can do this using a drill and a paddle bit. The size of the holes you need to drill will depend on the brackets you have purchased. All you need to do is follow the instructions that came with the brackets.
  4. You need to sand all the rough parts of the wooden shelves in order to make them look better and prepare them for the next step of the process. Once you have sanded them down, you need to remove the sawdust. After this is done, it’s time to paint or stain the shelves to give them a more appealing appearance. You will most likely want to make the shelves fit in with the overall aesthetic of the room they are being installed in. So, apply the paint or stain them and then let them dry. Once you have the look you want and they are dry, you can move onto the next step.
  5. Now you need to mount the brackets onto the wall you want to install the shelves on. The brackets should come with instructions for you to follow and mount them on the wall properly. Before you drill holes into the wall, ensure you have the correct measurements for the brackets location, so they are flat. You can use a level to make sure they are straight and not unlevel. Once you have made sure, you can drill the holes and mount the brackets.
  6. All that’s left is to slide the DIY floating shelves made out of solid wood onto the brackets and you are finished.

Inspiration For DIY Floating Shelves

You can find many different DIY floating shelf ideas on the internet to give you inspiration. By looking online and finding a look that you find appealing, you will be able to create a DIY floating shelf that will fit the intended room properly and add more to it. The shelves do not need to be rectangular in shape. You can decide what you want and then begin the building process. Even though a shelf is a simple endeavour, even if you are starting off at woodworking. The difficulty can be increased depending on how you want the DIY floating shelf to look. For example, you can have a simple rectangular shaped wooden plank, or you could go a step further and crave some sort of design into the wooden plank, to convey a more refined look.

Floating shelves can really accentuate a rooms look and feel, especially if you use them to put the right decorations on. There are no limits on what shapes and sizes you can make so be creative!

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