how to make a vanity mirror with lights

How to make a vanity mirror with lights – The Easy Way

What is a Vanity Mirror?

A vanity mirror, also known as a hollywood mirror, is a personal grooming mirror that is used to check ones appearance, it allows you to apply your makeup, do your hair, and helps you to look your best. This blog post will explain How to make a vanity mirror with lights.

Vanity mirrors come in all shapes and sizes. They can be free-standing, mounted on the walls, or even portable. Some vanity mirrors even have lights on them, and these lights can help you look better. The lights around the edges of vanity mirrors help illuminate imperfections and allow you to improve any touch-ups.

how to make a vanity mirror with lights

How to Make a Vanity Mirror With Lights – What You Need

Here is a list of everything you will need to learn how to make a vanity mirror with lights

Firstly, you will need to collect all the necessary materials that will help you build your own DIY vanity mirror with lights. These materials include the following:

  • Preferred Desk
  • Mirror
  • Bars of Lights (Vanity Bar) – 3 of them.
  • Metal Cutter
  • Pliers
  • Wire Cutter
  • Electrical Tape
  • Measuring Tape
  • Leveller
  • Stud
  • Wall Mounted Switch
  • Mirror Holder
  • Terminal Wire Connectors
  • Extension Cord

How to Make a Vanity Mirror With Lights – The Process

Before you begin this project, be aware that you will need to deal with electrical circuits. If you are not confident in your skills, then ask someone much more experienced than you are, as this will help you stay safe and allow for you to learn how to make a vanity mirror with lights safely and to be built without any issues.

  1. Start by opening the vanity bars up so you can see the wires inside of them. You should see the wires connecting to each of the bulbs on the vanity bar.
  2. Cut the extension cord close to the board, so only a small length of wire remains. (CAUTION: MAKE SURE IT ISN’T PLUGGED IN).
  3. Split the cord end into 3 separate wires.
  4. When the wires are split. You will find that there is a green wire, which is the ground wire. A white wire, which is the neutral wire. A copper wire, which will provide the electricity to the switch that will turn the lights on.
  5. Spread the wires apart and remove the insulation so you can expose the copper. Using the wire stripper tool, remove about an inch of insulation from the wires.
  6. Using the copper wire that is now exposed, connect it to the switch. Make sure you connect it to the part that turns the lights off. This means that the lights will only turn on when the switch is flipped. This is obviously what you want. There should be the word ‘off’ written on the correct part.
  7. Attach the black wire from the vanity bar to the other screw in the light switch. This will allow the lights attached to the vanity bar to light up.
  8. Attach the white wire from the extension cord to the white wire on the vanity bar. This will close the circuit and allow the electricity to flow and power up the lights. Make sure to add a twist to the wire connector, as this will ensure you don’t get shocked.
  9. Attach the ground wire to the ground screw in the light bulb. The screw should be highlighted green to show that it is the ground wire.
  10. At this point, when the switch is flipped on the lights should turn on. If the lights do not turn on when the switch is flipped to ‘on’, then you have done something wrong and you should unplug immediately. If you are not confident with this part, ask someone else for help.
  11. Now its time to mount the mirror. So, measure the width of the wall so you can centre the mirror properly.
  12. Then measure the width of the mirror.
  13. Measure the height at which you want the bottom of the mirror to be.
  14. Mark these heights on the wall using a pencil or something else along these lines.
  15. Screw the mirror holders in and mount the mirror onto the wall.
  16. Now, make sure to untie the wires you set up before, as it is time to start mounting the vanity bars onto the wall.
  17. Place the vanity bars around the mounted mirror and trace out the screw mounting holes on the wall.
  18. Once all the screws are traced onto the wall. You can then start drilling holes for screws to be inserted. Ensure that the drilled holes are small, so the screws can be inserted properly and will be tightly fitted.
  19. Place the vanity bars onto wall and screw them in place. Ensure that the bars are aligned exactly the way you want and then screw them tightly into place so they cannot be moved.
  20. Place your desk near the vanity mirror and decide the best place to put the light switch.
  21. Screw all the wires into place for the light switch just like you did before and make sure that they are not too tight. Mount the light switch onto the wall and them its time to test the final product. If you are not sure about connecting the wires, then ask someone with more experience to help you with it. It is always better to use the safest option when dealing with electrical circuits.
  22. Once you are done with the above tasks, screw in 1 light bulb to check if everything is working. If the light comes on after the switch is flipped. Then you have successfully completed your build of a vanity mirror with lights. However, if the lights do not turn on when the switch is flipped, then you should unplug immediately as something has gone wrong.
  23. You can conduct a smell test. Turn on the light bulbs for a couple of minutes and check if you can smell anything burning. If you can then unplug everything. If not, then you are completely finished.

There are many resources online to help you if you come across any issues during the building process of your DIY vanity mirror with lights. But if you had no issues, congratulations! You’ve just learned how to make a vanity mirror with lights.

I had fun learning how to make a vanity mirror with lights, also known as a hollywood mirror, for my girlfriend and she loves it! I definitely recommend it as a project if you’re getting into DIY.

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