Top 50 Easy Pallet Wood Projects

Here are my personal picks for the top 50 pallet wood projects on the internet.

Pallets are a cheap and versatile wood to use for diy projects, many people like to look for ideas with pallets for the home and for other projects. Gone are the days when people would look at a wood pallet as being useless, in fact a quick google search would show just how many uses the humble wood pallet really has! These days pallet projects are all the rage and if you pick the right pallet projects you could make money from them as your side hustle. Pallet ideas are a cheap and easy way to start. lets look at 50 things to with pallets below that could help make you some extra money

Pallet ideas and pallet projects are all over the internet, ranging from pallet furniture for the home and garden all the way to art and gadgets like bottle openers.

what to make with wood pallets - Ideas for pallet Furniture:

Pallet Stools. Up there with the easiest projects you can make with pallet wood, all you need is some wood slats, nails a saw and a hammer

pallet media stand:

perfect for the bedroom to put your tv or radio on, you could even make one with draws

Coffee table:

create a simple but elegant coffee table using pallet wood and also make matching side tables to finish off the look.

Candle holders:

create rustic looking candle holders out of your wood pallet.

Wood table lamp:

there are many creative DIY ideas for the home made out of pallet wood, this is one of my favourites

DIY planter:

another easy idea to make from wood pallets, in fact this might be the easiest of them all

DIY pallet wood bottle opener:

this would make a great gift! and another great addition to the home bar!

DIY pallet wood boat shelf:

here is a great video tutorial for a DIY boat shelf that would make a nice DIY project for the home

Pallet playhouse:

All kids love playhouses and get hours of fun out of them,this build is very similar to a shed build but on a smaller scale, a cheaper option than buying an expensive one.

Pallet herb garden:

A pallet would make a large size herb garden and is a great option for smaller gardens to add some colour without taking up too much space, you could attach them to a wall or fence to save even more space.

coffee mug holder:

another easy project, this project is great for the rustic look and goes really well with a coffee bar

pallet serving tray:

another great looking rustic made out of wood pallets. all you need to make this is connect a few slats together and screw on some nice looking handles

wall mounted jewellery box:

a rustic and easy project made out of pallet slats

Pallet shelving:

just like making a fruit crate only bigger. An ideal cheap alternative to buying shelving

pallet wood accent wall:

pallet wood is actually perfect for making an accent wall! especially if you keep all the rough texture on for extra character

pallet bed:

There is more than one way to make a pallet bed. This is my personal favourite way to make them

outdoor furniture:

There are hundreds of great furniture ideas for your patio, the beauty of making your own is that you get to choose whatever shape you want for your furniture

pallet bar:

Wood pallet projects don’t come more fun than this! This is a fantastic idea for the home or the garden! making your own pallet bar would be great for having friends and family round

pallet wood log store:

another great wood pallet project. Wood burners are really popular and this pallet project is another great way to potentially profit from. people who have log burners need somewhere to store their fire wood

wood pallet headboard:

you can pair this with a wooden bed or with a wooden pallet bed for a rustic look. you can also add lights to give it a warm personal feel

diy mud kitchen for kids:

another wood pallet idea that can be sold for decent money, these can go for £70 plus on sites like etsy! pallet projects like this are easy to make but also can be extremely profitable!

pallet room divider:

an ideal project for someone in a small space or someone who wants a bit more privacy! relatively easy to make, making a pallet room divider could help you enjoy your space

raised planter bed:

making gardening easier on your back while giving your garden a nice brighter look

pallet shoe rack:

really simple and easy to make, this could be cut and made in an hour or so, all you would need is to cut some slats from your pallets and just screw them together once they are cut to size.

pallet chest:

a cheap and easy way to solve a storage problem, you can build it to whatever size you need to fit wherever you need it in the house

pallet wood clock:

simply stick some slats together or even use the blocks from a pallet and paint it to create a functional yet personal time piece.

pallet wood wall art:

personal diy projects like this one depend on whether you have an artistic side or not, personally mine don’t turn out to great but I have seen some beautiful decor online. A unique design in a frame looks amazing I think

dog bowl stand:

dog bowl stands are proven to help dogs neck health long term, pallets provide a cheap way to help your dog eat in comfort and if you wish you can also make them with storage for their food as well, saving you storage space in your home.

wood pallet lantern:

take some scrap slats off cuts, cut them to size and make a rustic looking lantern that is great for indoor or outdoor use! This is a great way to use spare off cuts from your pallets.

led/light up wall art:

cut some slats, push them together and trace your shape cut out your shape out of each individual board (this can be as basic or complicated as you like) ie a heart shape or some mountains (even something as complicated as a map of the world) anyway then you will glue the boards together. You can then paint it how you like, place some battery powered led lights around the shape on the back side of the wood and you are done!

Bird house:

a nice and simple project for all abilities and would look great on a tree in the garden.

wood pallet porch swing:

this is great for a front porch if you’re lucky enough to have one, this would also work well in a back garden if you could find somewhere to hang it.

wood pallet shed:

sheds can be quite expensive to buy, but if you build one yourself with pallets then you could save yourself a fortune! especially if you are lucky enough to know where you can get pallets for free.

coffee table on wheels:

Yes I know, I’ve already listed coffee tables. But this one is more in an industrial style with wheels on each corner. Depending on the shape pallets you have you might not even need to cut one up break one down. some are already the perfect shape for this style!

drill/tool storage:

pallets are also great to make helpful things like tool storage out of. something like this is extremely helpful to keep your shop as clean as possible by not leaving things like drills lying around.

wooden signs:

really simple pallet projects like this are more about how creative you can be rather than how difficult it is to make. You can make signs for all sorts from family name signs for the home to bar signs to shed signs

pallet wood coat hanger:

a really cool and individual piece, making something like this yourself gives you the chance to make a real statement piece for your home, for a small space where you hang your coats.

Patio furniture:

You could create a matching set of a sofa, chairs and coffee table from pallets for incredibly cheap.

Pallet desk:

Create a simple and sturdy desk for next to nothing from a wood pallet. Use the slats to create your top and simply add four legs and you’re done!

Pallet rack and shelf:

Create something unique for yourself, this type of shelf would be ideal for a bar or a coffee bar it’s perfect for storing bottles and glasses.

Wood pallet xmas tree:

This one is obviously seasonal but a really good easy project to make non the less. There are a few easy ways to make theses and they are all really easy but I think the end result looks great.

frame for mirror:

A great way to customise a cheap mirror, even better this is a project that you could build out of scrap cuts that you have left over.

House number/welcome sign:

add your house number/name to a couple of pieces of pallet slats, hang them from a post and you have an awesome sign for the front of your house.

Wall planter:

Similar the herb planter earlier in this list. Vertical planters are a great solution for people who want to grow flowers or vegetables but don’t have the space to grow them.

Garden Walkway:

A unique way to add a focal point to your garden! Best used as a small design element rather than a main path, treating some pallets slats and using them as a small garden path will add a chic element to your garden.

Pallet cooler holder:

Ideal for when you’re hosting a BBQ to keep everyones drinks cool, you can also customise it by adding things like a drainage hole or bottle opener.

Adirondack chair plans:

Another idea for the garden- these chairs are perfect for chilling out in the sun on.

Pallet fence:

A cheap and practical solution, I’ve also made gates from pallet wood and virtually for free!

Rustic picture frame:

You can create a beautiful rustic look with practically no cost.

Rocking chair:

Another fun project. Find the plans here.

diy rocking chair

Flag table top:

This could be an amazing gift for someone, especially if you customise it.

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