wood projects for kids

4 Wood Projects For Kids

If you want to find out about simple wood projects for kids, then look no further. This article will talk about the different wood DIY projects that kids can work on. Nowadays kids will just want to watch TV and play games all day long, and this isn’t very healthy for them. Kids should be more active and partake in activities that boost their creativity and help them develop skills. These DIY wood projects for kids are safe and easy to perform while under your supervision of course.

The woodworking projects that will be mentioned in this article are fun to do and will help your kids pass the time in a more beneficial way.

wood projects for kids

Easy Wood Projects For Kids...

Wooden Address Sign

When starting your kids on woodworking, you obviously want to start off as simple as possible. That is why this is one of the easy wood projects for kids to start with.

All it requires is a single piece of wood which needs to be cut down to the right size. This can be down using a jigsaw, this is one of the safest saws to make the required cuts, as long as you are supervising.

Once the wooden plank has been cut to the right size, then it’s time to apply a polycrylic coat to the wood. This will apply a nice finish to the wooden plank and show your kids what effect coating can have on wood. The only issue you may encounter with this part of the process is messiness. Other than the mess than can be made while applying the coating, this part is very safe for you children to undertake. The purpose of applying the coating is to protect the wood from the effects rain and sunlight can have on it.

You can buy your house address numbers online or at a local hardware store, these can then be added onto the wooden plank. One you have them, you can glue them on to the wooden plank. That’s it, you are done. Now you have a wooden address sign that you can display outside.

Wood Frame

Creating a wooden picture frame is another easy wood project for kids which can then be used to display your children’s other work such as painting, drawing, or even pictures of your children.

First, you will need to decide on the size of this wooden frame, how big do you want it to be? Once you know what the size will be, then it’s time to move onto the next step. You will need 4 wooden pieces for the frame.

2 of these wooden pieces should be 15” (replace this with whatever size you want), and the other 2 should be 10” (again replace this size). These cuts can be made using a jigsaw. Just mark the size of the frame using a pencil onto the wooden pieces and then let your children take care of the cutting, while you supervise.

Once the cuts have been made, you can use wood glue to join the wooden pieces together. Once you have joined the wooden pieces together, use a simple clamp to hold them in place and leave them to dry for about 30 minutes.

Lastly, once the frame is finished, your kids can add a coat of paint to personalize their wooden frames. Once the paint has dried, then you are completely finished. All that’s left is to put something inside the frame and display it.

Wooden Building Blocks

This is a simple wood project for kids which can help get your children into woodworking and other creative endeavours. This project can help your kids in many different ways, for example it can improve intellect, develop their hand eye coordination, improve their spatial awareness, and grow their problem solving skills.

This woodworking project will consist of making wooden squares, rectangles, and triangles. For this project, you will need a miter saw, and while this might be a little more dangerous than a jigsaw, as long as you are there supervising, it will reduce the risk a lot, and it will be fine.

To reduce the risk even more, you could only allow your older children to work on this project and then allow the younger children to play with the finished project.

Once you have completed the project, the children can apply a coat of paint to make the shapes more colourful and enjoyable to play with and look at.

Of all the easy wood projects for kids, this is probably the easiest.

Wooden Stamps

Creating wooden stamps will give your kids something they can continue to use to display their creative side. This project isn’t too difficult to create and it is one of the quick wood projects your kids can do. You can get the wood that you will need from a tree branch. The branch should be quite thick.

Cut the branch up into smaller pieces so you can create multiple different stamps. You can use a hand saw in order to cut the branch up. Once it has been cut, you should use sand paper to make the ends and sides of the wooden pieces smooth.

Find tools in the toolbox that can help you make dents and shapes into the wooden pieces. Place the wooden pieces onto the tools and then hammer down the wooden pieces to create a dent. Try to make a deep impression into the wooden pieces, as this will be more noticeable when you start stamping.

Create the dents and make a pattern that looks nice. Once this is done, you should sand the wood again to make it smooth and produce a better result.


Getting your kids into woodworking will help them develop in many beneficial ways in this world of electronics where most children sit behind a screen and watch TV and stream videos all days long. Woodworking with your kids is a great way to spend valuable time with them and create things which can be displayed in your home for a very long time. The development of skills they will have will help them later on in life. So get up and start building these easy wood projects for kids with your children.


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